2006 September

Cake at Sonya's birthday party. Kieran, Maya & Sonya.

Sonya & McKenzie.

Sean thinks everything is better with ketchup.

The youngest guest at Sonya's party: Robbie's sister Amelia

Hugo's first home-made sushi.

Our new cat, Lisa, plays with a blue powder gourami in a fish bowl.

Table set, book case & beauro -- presents for Sean and Sonya from grandpa Richard.

Sean's birthday! Sonya helps him blow out the candles.

Hugo's first picture of the moon with any real success.

A fall hike, and we had lunch at the second reservoir, a mile up the mountains in Pike's National Forest.
The kids got their own table at Sean's birthday party.

Sean wears the hat grandma Gunilla made on her visit last year.

We're not quite sure what Helena's trying to say here.

2006 August

Did I mention the kids like climbing and jumping?

Sonya with another 4th cousin, Jonathan, less than two weeks later.

Pappa Hugo's third cousin Ellen on the right, and grandpa Richard's second cousin Dick beside her.


Fly-boy Sean.

More fun than grabbing hold is letting go.

A little surprise was waiting for us under the porch, when we got back from Sweden.

Richard invites the kids to raid Kristie's ice cream supply.

Sonya dishes up some muffins.

Sonya got a mouse for her birthday.

She called him "Spot".

Madelyn came over to play.

2007 July - our Sweden trip

Åkersberga & Ruggsättra

In grandmother Gunilla's kitchen.

Hugo's brother Björn.

Walking the old forest road.

Hugo decides to trim the verge.

Hugo's sister Johanna.

Sean gives great grandfather Gunnar some rocks.

Too much verge; must re-sharpen.

Waiting to warm up one more degree before jumping in again.

Grandma Gunilla and her new seeing-eye-dog Jessie.

Grandma Gunilla will warm Sonya up and dry her off.

Aunt Johanna will keep Sonya warm.

Uncle Björn will tickle this silly little girl.

Great grandmother Viola.

Grandmother Gunilla gave Sean a kitchen set.

Hugo's cousin Mimmi.

Breathing, Jumping - same thing for Sonya.

Aunt Mimmi will help.

(OK, she's really her first cousin once removed.)

It's Helena's birthday!

The girls LOVE cake with strawberries.

Fanny, now a teenager (human years), is an OLD dog.

Aunt marita - Mimmi's mom.

Eskilstuna & Norrköping

Aunt Anna-Carin's house. IT'S PINK!

Sean took a running start and jumped onto the slide...

...and out he came and fell almost a meter at the end, cried for a second, then ran up to do it again as fast as he could.

Sean couldn't work the gas with his foot, so his hand had to do.

... and jumping ...

Sonya and aunt Anna-Carin.

Uncle Björn (the other one) bought the kids a stuffed animal each.

Time for a café visit and a stroll with grandparents Rigmor and Lasse.

Grandpa Lasse at home (above),

and telling Sonya about the waves from a boat.


Budding soccer-star Sonya.

Have to climb and slide.



We met an old lady in the woods who wanted to practice her English and told Sonya a story.

We tol' her and we tol' her: Don't touch the nettles!

Guess if she did.

Kim's mom Birgitta.

Kim's parents, Conny & Birgitta.


If Sonya can climb, SEAN MUST!

We tol'im and we tol'im: Don't touch the light switch!

Guess if he did. (At least he didn't fall.)

Sonya walks/runs with Hugo's cousin Kim, with the bike.

Hugo's cousin Kim is Sonya's new favorite.

Kim's brother "Love" (pronounced Lou-veh in Swedish).

Old viking-age stones track the month and some star patterns.

Kålmården & Norrköping

We likey pet the goats.

Daddy take too many pictures. We growl!

Grandpa Lasse pushes Sonya.

Cousin Erik's mother Julia.

The maternal line.


Sonya likes cousin Erik.

... lots.

Cousin Erik, with father, Mats.

Helena, with parents and kids.

Back to Ruggsätra

It's not every day you accidentally run into your great grandparents at a café.

Cousin Erik et al visit Ruggsätra...

... and take a walk in the woods.

All the kids like to pick berries...

Sonya tries to feed grandma's seeing-eye-dog a red currant (berry).

Though not directly related, great grandmother Viola thinks cousin Erik is mighty cute.

...but instead of eating his, Erik feeds Sean those he picks.

Sean refuses to get out ... blue lips be damned!

... and yet, he didn't get a cold until he'd been back at school for a day.

A canoe visit from grandma Gunilla's second cousin Bengt and his wife Ragnhild.

The Calendar girls!

Time to put out the fish net and crayfish traps.

Crayfish for dinner!


This lifejacket was old when daddy wore it.

Sean checks out the fish we caught.

This water spider followed the water line as we moved the dock up and down, and carried its grey sack with it.

For size reference: The pipe it's on is a tad wider than an adult thumb.

The barn where young Hugo fetched milk and slept over in the hay loft time and time again.

Time to visit the local cow pasture.

The kids pet the nice moo-moo.

Cow lick: Sonya's ear must be salty.

Sonya meets her fourth cousin, Alva.

Great grandpa Gunnar makes some good wine.

Hugo's third cousin, Mia.

Alva shows us how it's done on the trampoline.

Johanna's self-portrait.

2006 June

When Sean is super whiney, this sometimes cheers him up.

Hugo's project, a combination bird condo and climbing plant stand -- Helena's mother's day present.

Sean uses pocket gopher mounds as a sand box.


Sonya & Sean play wheelbarrow.

Sonya &co at a junior tea party.

Sean figured out how to climb out of his crib, so he got a new bed.

2006 May

Sonya pulls her chair around with her when chalking the driveway.


The new look of Sonya's desk.

2006 later in April

Finally it's warm enough out to bring out the mini-pool. (Never mind that it was below freezing the next morning.)

Mekhi and Sonya swing at our house.

Sonya "reads" a book for Sean.

Tickle tickle.

Turning a whiney Sean upside-down can make him happy.


How to cause a big, long, long-lasting traffic jam. (Actually from February.)

2006 March - April

Sonya & Maya in December, 2002.

  Same kids, same chair, over three years later.

Sean "Chaplin" Calendar

2006 late February

Sonya was lucky and got asked to help feed a monkey at the zoo.

Up, over and down, and repeat again and again and again, until too tired not to stumble.

Why our February heating bill was our highest ever.

The TV-watching trance.

2006.02.17 - Sonya's & Sean's school pictures

2006 January & early February

Helena & Sonya make apple pie.


Sonya practices her stern look.

Two new houses are going up across the street from us.


Sonya helps make "pepparkakor", aka gingerbread snaps.

Sean eats with a spoon.

I'm not going to tell you all of Helena's complaints about her figure. They're too silly.


It seems that running up the biggest, muddiest hill, and rolling down it...over and over...is tons of fun.

Sean helps throw away wrapping paper.

Sean really liked all the chocolate he got for Xmas.

Bath time after eating chocolate.


Sonya doodles her name at breakfast.

2005.12 - Happy Holidays

And from others ...

2005.08 - Belated Summer Pictures

Faith and Johanna visit cousin Leanne at Carl and Jody's place in New Jersey.

Johanna tears it up.

Key please.


Faith cruises in.

Though I was on a jetski almost the whole time we were at Dan Portman's place, nobody got a picture of me.


Sean's first haircut


two cuties.


2005.10.30 - 11.13

Grandma Gunilla visits -- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo -- Halloween

Sean plays keep-the-cracker-from-the-giraffe

The giraffes let grandma touch them more than they ever let me do it.
It must be a blind person thing.


The Godzilla costume isn't popular with Sean at first,

but the cookie he got from Kristie is.

Kristie the bug.

Sonya gets to browse pictures on daddy's laptop.

The infant leading the blind up and down the stairs.

A sure sign Sonya is ready for bed.

Sonya got rain gear from grandma.

All set to trick-or-treat.

This year many visitors actually had costumes.

Sean and Sonya help with the dishes.

Lucky grandma had a summery late autumn.

Toss the frog is a good game.

2005.10.17-26 - Fall

above: Hugo and third cousin Alistair.

right: Alistair's girl Katie.

below: Can Sean pull daddy through the fence?


Our house.

2005.10.06-10 - Cousin Erik &co depart

Lots of snow on the last day make for more excitement on the way to the airport.

Sonya feeds the cownose rays.


2005.10.04 - Cousin Erik &co arrive

  We decide to go for a walk -

Sonya takes off down the path.

It's been a long day for all, and Erik prefers daddy's arms to his makeshift crib in a strange new room.


It's fall again.

Here's why Sean doesn't get a pacifier anymore.

After five years in the garage, it's time to sell our bikes. Helena rides the Nighthawk a last time.

Helena's CB350 is next on the auction block.

Sonya gets to ride a block with daddy.

2005.09.19 - Sean's First Birthday!

Sean while and after he ate birthday cake.

Sonya L-O-V-E-S strawberries.

The kids get a quick bath after cake, and then...
Sean surprises with his present-opening prowess.


Sean got a shirt that was too big for Sonya.

Sonya thinks it's about time for some hand-me-up.

2005.09.17 - Sean practices eating cake.

  Ready, set, go!

Sean has finally finished his cake...kind of.

2005.09.04 - Sonya's great grandfather Gunnar's 90th birthday

Here's the 90-year-old facing left, with his wife, my grandmother, hiding behind him.

All the grandchildren (except me) do a number.

Uncle Conny talks a lot
(his cousin Ingemar said so).

Uncle Soren talks a lot less.

My brother Björn's new hair style.

The birthday boy's wife Viola comes out from hiding (left), and Conny's wife Birgitta.

2005.08.25 - 09.03


2005.08.24 - Sonya's Third Birthday!


2005.08.23 - Upsala Churchyard

The Upsala church in Minnesota isn't quite like the Uppsala church in Sweden.

Sonya quickly figures out that this grass isn't dry and sharp like in Colorado.


...and Sonya's tired out grandpa once again.

2005.08.23 - Home at Julie's Again

Dan Porter, keeper of the jetskis, yellow prowler and other cool toys, stops by for a high five with Sonya before heading back to North Dakota.


2005.08.22 - Fun at Julie's

Faith's roboto.

She says that guys like the body shots better.


Faith wanted some pictures online

so she could do some internet dating.

Row row row your boat.

2005.08.21 - First Day at Julie's

Taking care of Sonya can make a grandfather tired.


Sonya and grandpa Richard dance at Julie's block-party.


Sean likes to rub noses with Helena (and Hugo and Sonya).

Hugo made a computer table for Sonya.

Sonya makes art with some spare latex paint.

Sean pushes a chair around the living room, while Sonya stamps her feet to make her new shoes blink.


Sonya's chalk drawings.

Another table Hugo made.

Fred catches a ride.


You'd never guess how long two little kids are entertained by blowing into a piece of plastic tubing.

The day before Helena's 34th birthday, she uses a power mower for the first time.

Hugo suggested tennis shoes and gloves, as our lawn is at least half an acre, but Helena is stubborn.
Ask her how many blisters she got.

We ate lobster on Helena's birthday, and got an amazing amount of tasteless roe in one of them.

Luckily, Sean thought it was yummy!

Sean poses for the Carl Earl look-alike contest.

Hugo's latest project -- a chair poorly put together and sold cheap at a garage sale, shown here after being disassembled, re-glued, sanded and painted.

Kristie sweet talks Sean.




After Sonya & Hugo paint the seesaw, Helena puts the finishing touches on it.

Sonya the painter

shows off her brush and painting clothes.

Sean can now climb over beanbags and through chairs, so our latest attempt at blockading him in a room involves beanbags draped over a chair on its side.


Sean starts standing while holding on.

Sonya learns her small letters and many other things playing "Dr. Seuss Preschool".


Sonya jams with Bono.

Sonya and Helena dance.

Sean gets around.

As we toil at home, our next door neighbor Kristie is "working" in Brazil for three weeks.


Sean and Fred hang out.

Sean's now stable enough to bathe without a parent holding onto him contantly.

Sonya with her new purse and butterfly necklace.

Daddy added a seat for Sean to the seesaw.

Sean plays with his new lion.


Sonya plays the Green Eggs & Ham storybook and game.

It turns out Sonya, too, likes green eggs & ham.

Sean's a bit frustrated, but he gets into crawling position by himself.

Sonya, still cute in this hat.

Sonya watches Sesame Street.


For those who also knew Wolfram Zillig, he is now unfortunately no longer with us.


Sonya demonstrates her un-child-proofing technique.

Sean and Helena enjoy the park.

Sean swings in the park -- his second time.

Time to wash the car again.

Helena bowls.

Sonya bowls.

Bumper sides were put up for Sonya's sake, and you'll notice she didn't finish last. :)

Sean gets tummy farts.

A northern cloud in Monument at sunset.


Lots of snow around, but warm enough for shorts and sandals.

Sonya, Helena & Sean.

Sonya's flipping game.



Yet more snow (this is getting old). Our driveway and porch, etc. had four feet of snow, but notice that you can see grass in the yard -- the wonders of aerodynamics in our mountain snowstorms.

Max enjoyed himself immensely, and we, being snowed in, took the opportunity to go sledding.




Sean: Mr. Mess



Max, Sonya & Helena



2005.03 Erik

Lasse & Rigmor.



Sonya and Max hang out on the couch (right before dad kicks Max off -- above), and Sonya shows off her new necklace (below).


Sonya eats home-cooked pizza.

Sean's first day trying out finger food cookies.




Sonya, Max, Sean & Fred.

Visiting the Will Rogers Memorial.

There's lots to lick when making chocolate mousse.


Sonya seems to do better sitting still doing puzzles if we're working on our own puzzle, so here's our first big puzzle in a very long time -- 1008 pieces put together in three days. Sonya can do 25 piece puzzles on her own so far.


Finally done with the big puzzle.




Sean, happy.

We took Sonya to Jacob's and Nicholas's birthday party, which featured pizza, cake and lots of jumping and sliding.
  Sean and Helena.

Sonya has a blast sliding and climbing!


Sean and Sonya get adjusted.








Hugo & Sonya



Thorstein Erik Norman Johansson föddes 2005-02-01 i Oakland. Thorstein eller Tory som han kallas här, vägde 4301 g och var 59 cm (!?) lång. Födseln, två veckor sen, tog tid och vi blev kvar på sjukhuset en vecka för Mary Kat att återhämta sig. Vi mår bra alla tre. Tory är underbar! Han ammar för fullt och växer fort. Vi är tacksamma för det stöd vi fått från familj och vänner, i synnerhet styvsvärmor Barbaras hjälp vid förlossnigen.

Hans och Mary Kat Johansson











2005.02.08 - Frost!








), :)



2005.01.12 - Sonya & Sean