2007 Holiday Season


Above: Our house with lights in four trees.

Left: Sonya and Sean, in his first truly nice shirt, on our way to a holiday party.

Below: Our tree with presents.

Left & Above: Lisa presents herself as the first present.

2007 Early Winter

Our street may not be so good for driving after a snow storm, but for sledding it's pretty good.

Sean thinks it's time to peg Dad with a snowball.

Officer Sean enjoys an apple.

Ever energetic Sean snuggles up with tired Mom.

Sankta Lucia!

Sonya helps put away the safety markers after sledding in the street.

Sean helps Helena make cranberry muffins.

Hugo & Sonya cut out ginger bread cookies.

Our cats Fred and Lisa doing what they do best.

Geese fly by our house.

2007 Summer & Halloween

Halloween costumes this year.

Sean got to go to the zoo alone with mom & dad on his birthday,
and got to ride the merry-go-round as much as he wanted.

Sean and Sonya at friend Mekhi's 5th birthday party.


Sean's 3rd birthday.

Grandpa Richard and girlfriend Nancy visit us in August.
Here with Sean and Sonya at 14K ft on Pike's Peak.

Candy monsters hoard their goods.

The best way to enjoy some TV.

A cloudy Rocky Mountain sunset.

Sonya's class on her 5th birthday.

It's flooding time again in our front yard.

2007 May

Waterfight! Get daddy!



Sonya's baby rats at exactly two weeks old.

2007 March & April

Sonya's little pet had babies!

More than a month into Spring, we get snowed in for a day and a half! :(

Did I mention we're sick of snow now?

I hear it's 70 degrees in Sweden.

And this picture is from our yard on Easter weekend.

This picture of our house, too.

Hey look! More snow!

One of the hawks that patrol our field.

Trick-or-treating a la Suede on Easter.

  Isn't it funny that only the smallest member of the family

walked around the slippery slush and ice on the up-hill trail?

The Eaton kids join ours in the red chair.

If you're in bed, you can bet Fred will join you.

2007 Mid-January to Mid-March

We've had unspeakable amounts of snow, wind and cold, but here are some pictures of the in between times.

During a hike, Sonya and Sean pose in front of Mount Hermon.

One of my crayfish works on escape techniques.

Sonya on Valentines Day.

Sonya and Helena bake.


Tickle time.

The kids get their own table when the Eatons come to dinner.

2007 New Years Day

The pre-New Years storm. Who needs the gym when it snows like this.

Our front yard, as seen from the door.

2006 December

Sonya sleds as much as she can between flurries.

Dinner with our neighbors on New Years Eve.

Hugo & Helena at the UMI company Christmas party.

The pre-Christmas storm.

12/22/2006: Elderly neighbors clear Caribou Drive when 2WD El Paso county plows keep getting stuck in the ditch, and the WIA's inflated budget supports baffling numbers of man-hours and 4WD vehicles, but somehow doesn't include a plow.

The big aquarium looked like it was missing something with just molly fry and a few adults, so I added some stuff.

2006 November

Sonya tries to teach Sean to make snow angels.


The new sandbox that daddy built.

2006 October

It's that time of the year again.

Clearing the driveway.

Sean helps out making meatballs.

We finally got a piano, and everyone in the family wants a turn.


We had to clear a path so we could clean the satelite dish.

Fred sometimes has trouble with our new bundle of energy, Lisa.

After braving the cold on Halloween. Sonya still has her witch facepaint on.

Car of the day.

Sonya and the local totem pole off HW 105.

Our guest, Mekhi, had a wee bit of trouble sitting still at story time.

Green Eggs and Ham - Sean's all time favorite.

Dress rehearsal for Halloween.