2004.01.02, Friday

fred fits in nicely in our rearranged living room

2004.01.07, Wednesday

sonya and her first snowman

the "stick" behind the snowman up to the left is actually the top six feet of the tallest tree in our yard. it blew off last saturday night in one of the vicious winds we get here sometimes.

Late January, 2004

sonya in a chair with raisins

sonya carries the foot stool around

sonya from the foot stool to the glider
(click here for a 4MB video clip)

sonya eats semlor for the first time

2004.01.27, Tuesday

kristie, amber, sonya


sonya eating another semla

kristie pensive

Early February, 2004

after falling face first onto a tile corner early friday afternoon, and also getting a four day "stomach flu" late on saturday, sonya still seems in good spirits on sunday

sonya and helena

sonya gets down
sonya chills out

2004.02.06, Friday

...and finally, it stopped snowing.

nanny amber pulls sonya up the steep side of our yard

daddy's turn to sled with sonya

our chocolate lab max makes a run more exciting

a simple snow fort daddy made for sonya

can't resist snowboard tactics with the sled

oops! (long pants are for wimps)

mommy's turn to sled with sonya

2004.02.07, Saturday

kristie plays tug-of-war with max
here for a 4MB video clip)

richard throws max a snowball (can you see it?)

2004.02.09, Monday

the new family member is on the way.
let's call him or her george for now.
we don't know much about george yet, except...

this is what we know about george's looks

here's what george's heartbeat looks like when graphed

as far as we can tell, george is in perfect health.
no real pictures until september, though.

2004.02.10, Tuesday

eating makes sonya sleepy, a.k.a. what happens when sonya wakes up too early

2004.02.11, Wednesday

sonya eats a smoothie
(click here for a 4MB video clip)

2004.02.13, Friday

sonya helps mom clean up after making brownies

max is a good boy, sonya clicks the light on and off

2004.02.14, Saturday

sonya braves crunchy uneven snow with powder on top, and even some ice
(click here for a 4MB video clip)

2004.02.22, Sunday

Sonya's second visit to the Denver Zoo.
This time we didn't go just before nap time, and she enjoyed it quite a bit.

Sonya chased geese all over the Zoo.

Helena points something out to Sonya.
(Click the picture for a picture quality printable version)

(Click the picture for a picture quality printable version)

Sonya and Helena.

Tired, Sonya slept all the way home.

2004.02.24, Tuesday

A quick, cold, windy snowstorm after some rain.

Our house.

2004.03.07, Sunday

Snow thaws and Sonya plays in a puddle.
(click here for a 4MB video clip)

2004.03.08, Monday

Our first real warm spring day where you can hang out on the deck barefoot for a while.

Mid-March 2004

Sonya having fun in the bath.

Sonya with a mohawk

Hugo, Max and Sonya relax in the blue chair

Sonya pages through a book

Sonya playing

Sonya wants to go in

Late March 2004

Sonya outgrew her old hats,
so we got her a new one.

Stylish glasses Penny gave Sonya.

More fun with glasses for UV protection.

This is what happens when Fred does something he knows he shouldn't

Helena got cravings on the way home, and bought this

Cyndi and Jake from Sonya's play group

Penny and Jessica from Sonya's play group

Early April 2004

Sonya and Max.

Helena puts up the swedish easter feathers her sister sent.

Sonya eats chocolate from auntie in Sweden.


The wonders of Photoshop.

Mountain weather: Helena took the Jeep to work in the morning because of all the snow and ice, and in the evening we enjoyed some time on the deck in shorts.

There's no wrong way to eat a pear.


Learning to share.


2004.04.15 (tax day)


Sonya tries on Amber's jacket



"George" is still healthy, by the looks of the latest ultrasound, but it also appears
that she should probably be called something else...like maybe "Sarah."