sonya in stool

don't touch

sun behind a big cloud

at the eggings'

inspector sonya, and her trusty sidekick helena

I am the center of attention!

sonya starts standing solo

tomatos are yummy

boxing sonya

kristie's house from our yard

oops! I fell on max. how could that have happened?

another beautiful monument sunset

sonya entertains herself, while daddy steals a few minutes on the computer

sonya and courtney

bathtub collage

2003.07 -

Julia, Rigmor, Mats, Hugo, Sonya, Helena, Lars-Rune, Anna-Carin, Björn

happy helena, scoping sonya

helena blissful, sonya scoping

helena blowing, shy sonya

helena laughing, sonya pointing

helena & sonya look yonder

sonya visits the zoo

sonya's first merry go round

sonya & daddy on merry go round

sonya gets down

billowy skyline

sky layers

birdie cloud skyline

lava sunset

sonya likes beef

help me down the steps, mom

sonya's first swing ride

sonya swings beside three girls while their mom talks to dad in alaska

sonya in her new helmet (also two "free toys")

sonya ready for her first bike trip

on the trail

sonya checks out the playground

sonya on the slide

sonya climbs the slide
pebbles are yummy

Late on the evening before this picture was taken, sonya took her first dive head first off one step onto some concrete. Dispite looks, it wasn't so bad, but the next day, sonya wasn't all that excited about trying to get down off of this box. She sat there for 20 minutes while daddy vacuum cleaned.

kung fu sonya

The above picture was taken after a three mile bike ride up a trail to a nearby "lake" and park. Then it started to pour. We waited until it let up a little, and then biked back. Of course, the trail was still muddy...

muddy helena

muddy hugo

muddy sonya

helena and max celebrate sonya's first birthday

hugo and fred celebrate sonya's first birthday

daddy tried to get sonya to blow out the candle

sonya eats birthday cake

all sonya's presents on her first birthday

sonya and helena in the driveway

sonya at mailbox

sonya between trees

sonya and fred explore the spaces under our bed.

fred and tenga share a chair.

cloudy mountains

sonya in her box-hat

sonya's new seat, tacoma

building supplies

shelves and sonya

sonya, zu geil für diese welt

sonya jogs around

sonya, casual (just discovered how to take off her pajamas)

sonya works out

sonya's new seat, jetta

Late October, 2003

sonya stoked about her new threads

sonya's first snow of the season #1

sonya's first snow of the season #2

helena, sonya new suit

sonya eats a popsicle

sonya eats from a plate

2003.10.31, Friday

Trick or treat! These are costumes?!?!

2003.11.10, Monday

sonya ready to go out
she actually stood still here because dad asked her to

2003.11.11, Tuesday

sonya and max check out the dog door in progress

sonya can't quite crawl through

Late November, 2003

sonya wakes from a bad dream

sonya tries on new threads

afterwards, we dried and warmed sonya's feet, and she stuck to the area without snow for the five remaining minutes we stayed outside

sonya makes tracks

some of Helena's sweeties

sonya's sense of snow

sonya's addicted to white powder
we had to bring some in so she didn't whine/freeze to death
the ghost is our cat's eyes reflecting off the glass

helena relaxes with tea and tenga

sonya helps with cat rack construction

sonya in cap, tearing the house apart

sonya high-fives helena, max's tail in the corner

max tries out his almost finished door

2003.12.01, Monday

2003.12.03, Wednesday

frosting is nummy!

sonya checks out the field

sonya gets more coordinated every day, but STILL keeps falling on max
OOOOPS, she did it again!

2003.12.06, Saturday

2003.12.11, Thursday

nanny amber's first day

nanny ola, sonya and parting gifts

2003.12.11, Thursday

helena throws popcorn to max

sonya tries out sliding

at the top

at the bottom

sonya thinks slides are for more than sitting

max drools while we eat something
that smells particularly good to him

sonya gets doggy treats out of the box

sonya feeds max with the treats

sonya runs around with daddy's old telephone earpiece

still too cute in this hat

Christmas 2003

eating yogurt is a messy business for sonya

max the christmas dog

julie digs in on xmas eve

helena helps sonya try everything out

tomten hands out the goods

nancy, sue, david: part of our motley crew

2003.12.30, Tuesday

sonya's typical sleeping position

the new car