Hugo's pictures, 1980-1989

Paternal grandmother Jean


Climbing rocks (in china flats!)

Kai in the second of three tries to do the Maytag (class 5, Yuba river) without flipping. (Third try succeeded.)

Hugo observes at the lower right. First time through, Kai came out with one blade of the wooden paddle shattered.

Father Richard with colleagues Helen Revel (left), and Naomi Franklin.

Next door neighbor Julie.

Julie painting her house.

Berkeley Gothic

With sister Johanna and fort in the woods in Ruggsätra

Hugo catches a northern pike

Dad's favorite projects, Finkie and Waldo

Finkie's friend Martie

Cousins Kim and Love beside and on burried sister Johanna

Paternal grandfather and his dog Charlie

Maine buddy Badieh, and cousin Bart

Friends from the Galileo dorm, freshman year

Hugo near the end of his Bok Fu (Kung Fu) career

Dean makes the best of a dry spring in Hugo's kayak

Hugo climbs Cragmont (in better shoes this time)

Maternal grandfather, with uncle Sören's dog Charlie

At a remote beach in Florida with cousin and grandfather

Devon fixes his chimney after the 1989 Loma Prieta quake (7.1)