Sweden Trip, late July 2003

Helena entertains Sonya somewhere over the Atlantic

Sonya entertains herself

The women of the family in Ruggsätra - four generations are represented

Björn glued to his girl Sandra (as usual)

Sonya thinks Gunilla's seeing eye dog Hillman is a lot like Max

A relaxed breakfast in the Swedish countryside - Gunilla, Johanna & Helena

Afternoon coffee at the lake - Helena, Sonya, Gunilla, Viola, Gunnar, Johanna

Coffee at the Blomqvists in Åby - Helena, Julia, Anna-Karin, Björn, Rigmor, Mats, Lars-Rune

Faster than a speeding camera shutter - Sonya tries to squirm out of her seat

Sonya thinks the Swedish washing machines are much more interesting

Afternoon coffee at the Blomqvists - Sonya, Lars-Rune, Rigmor, Helena

Sonya and the shoulder massager

Sonya says PLBBBBBT!

Max got shampood three times before we would let him in the house when we got back